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Fiberglass Production Line
Rubber Foam Production Line
Colour Sand Production Line
Fuman Engineering Asia Ltd. is a Hong Kong based Engineering Company which specialized in Designing and Fabricating industrial production lines. Fiberglass Production Line, Rubber Foam Production Line and Colour Sand Production Line are three main production lines we expertise in. Read more...

Industries & Solutions
Not only we experts in contructing production lines, we also offer a range of different Engineering services and products such as Factory Reloaction, Ovens, OEM Machineries, etc. Read more...

We offer comprehensive Engineering solutions including: Mechanical Desgin, Electrical System Design, Control System Design, Installation Service, Commissioning, Maintenance, etc. Read more...

>Business & Partners
We target small to medium manufactures that are exploring the China market as a manufacturing base to serve both domestic and export markets. Read more...

Customer experience is one of our top priorities. Please contact us for any inquiries. Read more...

About Us
Is China a land of opportunities or a land of pit-falls and minefields? You will find "experts on China" to tell stories both ways. The truth is that doing business in China is no different than doing business in Western world other than the differences in legal system, cultural, language and value system. China is too big of a market to be generalized, every region, and sector of business or situation calls for a different strategy. Read more...


Fuman Engineering Asia Ltd.

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