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About Us

Fuman Engineering Asia Ltd.


Is China a land of opportunities or a land of pit-falls and minefields? You will find "experts on China" to tell stories both ways.
The truth is that doing business in China is no different than doing business in Western world other than the differences in legal system, cultural, language and value system. China is too big of a market to be generalized, every region, and sector of business or situation calls for a different strategy.

Many companies came to China in the early days for the cheap labor to lower overall manufacturing cost; some are here for the local customer market, and some are here to tap the local talent for their R&D centers. Regardless of their goals, these companies have to "pay their dues" in the early years during their operation to learn the local practices.

The "Fuman Engineering Asia Ltd."(Fuman) is formed by a group of managers that were the early planners in the China Market. Fuman will leverage that experience to assist companies to execute their plans in China.

Fuman has extensive experience in setting up manufacturing operations from early business plans, region and site selection, to manufacturing plant re-location, to staffing and commissioning. The Fuman staff has demonstrated the ability to execute specific projects in a time sensitive and cost efficient manner to supply domestic or export production needs. We are experienced in setting up world class manufacturing plants for US Fortune 500 companies for a fraction of their original budget. We also helped companies to reduce their overall manufacturing cost through process improvements, equipment upgrade, staffing and sourcing of parts and materials.

The Fuman has a group of partners that have senior management experience in strategy, finance, marketing, manufacturing and engineering to assist executing your business plans.